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Freshtec Travel Topper Bundle

What Is A Duvalay Mattress topper– And what are my options

This is a question we get asked all the time as the options can be confusing – so we thought we’d explain what a Duvalay mattress topper is – and why we think they are an excellent bedding option for campervans, motorhomes and caravans!

flat bed


Essentially you have 3 options when choosing a topper to fit your requirements

Travel Topper

This is the memory foam topper on its own and comes in 3 standard widths – 58cm, 66cm and 77cm – and is 190cm or 6’3” long. The topper comes as standard with a removable cover, and a colour co-ordinated fitted zipped sheet can be bought separately.  Travel toppers are designed to roll away neatly using the provided straps, saving space when not in use, and making them easy to carry and store.

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper
Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

Travel topper bundle

The travel topper bundle contains everything you need for your bed, including:

  • Your choice of foam travel topper with removable cover
  • 1 Pillow
  • A zipped fitted sheet in a range of colours
  • A matching colour co-ordinated pillowcase
  • Storage bag for easy storage and transportation

Travel topper bundle

Custom memory foam mattress topper

If you have a mattress that does not suit the standard sizes available, a custom memory foam topper may be the answer! These can be ordered in 3 main widths –  91cm, 122cm and 137cm by 190cm (6’3”) or for an extra large mattress you could opt for 2 separate toppers…

These can be cut to any shape to suit your bed – such as an island or French style bed. We have a vast library of standard dimensions for campervans, motorhomes and caravans on file. So all we need is a make, model and year of manufacture and we can make it to suit your vehicle.

A colour co-ordinated Custom fitted zipped sheet can be bought separately which will be made to the same shape

Or if you have a self-build or bespoke conversion of a campervan or motorhome, you can send us a dimensioned drawing of your bed and we can have a topper made to suit your exact requirements.

Duvalay custom mattress topper

Which Type memory Foam Should I Choose?

All our memory foam mattress toppers come in a choice of 3 types of foam:


This is the smallest and most compact mattress topper for easy storage. It uses the thinnest high quality memory foam at 2.5cm and is ideal for most applications – whether it is for camping, motorhomes or caravans. When rolled up, the overall thickness is 28cm, which makes it ideal for packing away in small lockers.

Shop for luxury Compact Travel Topper, Compact travel Topper Bundle or Compact Custom Mattress Topper

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

Travel Topper

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

Travel Topper bundle

Campervan Mattress Topper

Custom Topper


The comfort range is a thicker memory foam and is available in 2 foam choices:

5cm Silver Memory Foam 

This specially selected memory foam envelops you for a comforting feel and provides gentle resistance for soothing pressure relief; ideal for side sleepers and those with joint pain.

5cm Gold Memory Foam 

Our finest high-quality memory foam – offering full body support and providing supreme levels of comfort; ideal for front or back sleepers and those with back and neck conditions.

Comfort memory foam is perfect for those who do have the extra storage space or for those who have a lumpy or uncomfortable bed, the luxurious comfort memory foam will improve any mattress, giving the feeling of a luxurious bed. And when rolled up the overall thickness of both comfort toppers still comes in at only 36cm.

Shop for luxury Comfort Travel Topper, Comfort travel Topper Bundle or Comfort Custom Mattress Topper

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

Travel Topper

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper bundle

Travel Topper bundle

comfort custom mattress topper main caravan motorhome 650x478 1

Custom Topper


The Freshtec topper uses the most technically advanced foam we offer. It is a great alternative to memory foam as it still offers the great pressure relief that memory foam offers, but it also helps to reduce heat for those who get hot in bed. The open structure of the foam allows 30 times more air flow, helping to keep you cooler while you sleep. There is a choice of 4cm and 5cm thicknesses, and when rolled up, the overall thickness of the topper is only 34cm.

Freshtec topper
Duvalay Freshtec Sleeping Bag

Shop for luxury Freshtec Travel Topper, Freshtec travel Topper Bundle or Freshtec Custom Mattress Topper

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

Travel Topper

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

Travel Topper bundle

Campervan Mattress Topper with Freshtec

Custom Topper

We hope this has helped explain what a Duvalay mattress topper is – and why you need one in your life!

We think they are a fantastic choice for the outdoor adventurer – an luxury upgrade for your sleeping comfort.

If you have any questions about the Duvalay mattress topper range – or indeed any of the Duvalay products available to order in our online shop – please just get in touch with us!

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