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Combining our best selling sleeping bag. With everything, you’ll need to enjoy touring all year round.


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Combining our best selling sleeping bag. With everything, you’ll need to enjoy touring all year round. Offering fantastic value, the Sleeping Bag Bundle includes:
  • Your choice of foam topper
  • 2 covers – so you always have a spare
  • 2 matching pillowcases
  • A 4.5 tog summer duvet & 10.5 tog winter duvet
  • A handy carry bag for easy storage
The bundle has all you will need for the best nights sleep on your next campervan, motorhome or caravan trip. All in one convenient carry bag. With both a summer and winter duvet, you’ll be ready whatever the weather throws at you!

What is Duvalay Sleeping Bag?

A Duvalay sleeping bag has 2 pockets – one holds a premium mattress topper, the other holds a duvet. Stitched along 2 edges they form a sleeping bag. They are the perfect alternative for people who find traditional sleeping bag constrictive.
  • A mattress topper and duvet combined
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Available in widths of 58cm, 66cm & 77cm (190cm in length)
  • Use 2 side by side for a double bed
The Duvalay Sleeping Bag can be used on its own, or you can use two together to make a luxury double sleeping bag. After a great night’s sleep, they are quick and easy to roll up and pack away.
The Duvalay Sleeping Bag is ideal where space is limited. They are a quick and easy bedding option for campervan rock and roll beds, or pop-top beds.
Each Sleeping Bag Bundle can be tailored to your individual needs:

Foam Choices

The Compact Sleeping Bag is the thinnest and most compact. The premium 2.5cm memory foam is enough to make any bed more comfortable but takes up the least space. When packed away it is just 34 to 36cm in diameter depending on duvet thickness.
The Comfort Sleeping Bag as the name suggests is the most luxurious option! Premium quality memory foam in a choice of 4 or 5cm depth. It’s a great option for those looking for maximum support. Packed away the Comfort Sleeping Bag is 36 to 38cm in diameter.
The Freshtec Sleeping Bag allows 30 times more airflow than memory foam. This means it is a great choice for those who find memory foam too warm or for travelling in warmer climates. With a choice of 4 or 5cm depths, the Freshtec Sleeping Bag packs away to 38 to 40cm in diameter.

Duvet Choice

We offer 2 duvet choices with your Sleeping Bag.

Hollowfibre Duvet

For a great everyday duvet, choose the hollowfibre duvet. It is lightweight and machine washable in a soft polycotton cover.

Microfibre Duvet

If you like the weight and feel of a down duvet, choose a microfibre duvet. Synthetic fibres mean it is hypoallergenic, but feels just like a down duvet.
The Sleeping Bag Bundle comes with both a summer 4.5 tog duvet, and a winter 10.5 tog duvet.
The covers and pillowcases are easy to change and are machine washable at 40C.
We use the Duvalay Sleeping Bag in our fleet of hire campervans. Our guests always comment on how comfy they are!

Duvalay Sleeping Bags by Highland Auto Campers

women sleep duvalay sofa

As Seen on Dragon’s Den!

The Luxury Duvalay Sleeping bag is the ultimate camping accessory - as seen on BBC Dragon’s Den! The Duvalay Sleeping Bag is ideal for use in campervans, motorhomes, caravans and boats.

Duvalay Compact sleeping bag Skye Navy

What is a Duvalay Sleeping bag?

The revolutionary Duvalay Sleeping bag is a hybrid of a traditional sleeping bag, a memory foam topper and a cosy duvet! The memory foam topper and duvet are enclosed in a removable cover. With a choice of eleven colours, there’s a sleeping bag to match any interior!

Easy to carry & Store

The Duvalay sleeping bag neatly rolls away into a carry bag. This makes it easy to transport and store when not in use.

Compact Travel Topper

Luxury Foam Topper

The Duvalay Sleeping Bag comes in a choice of 4 premium foams. From the ultra-lightweight compact foam to the luxury Gold 5cm memory foam – there’s an option to suit everyone!

Every product benefits from

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Delivery Information

Small Items

  • Pillowcases
  • Storage Bags
  • Spare Covers
  • Percale Zipped Sheets
  • Bedding Covers & Sheets
  • Single Duvets

Delivery - £5.95

  • Orders over £250 are Free
  • 10 to 14 days lead time

Expidited Delivery - £18.95

  • 2 to 3 days lead time

Larger Items

  • Duvalay Sleeping Bags
  • Memory Foam Toppers
  • Memory Foam Pillows
  • Dvets larger than a single
  • Dog Beds

Delivery - £8.95

  • Orders over £250 are Free
  • 10 to 14 days lead time

Expidited Delivery - £18.95

  • 2 to 3 days lead time

Full Mattresses

  • 15cm up to 20cm Deep

Delivery - £24.95

  • 14 to 21 days lead time

Expidited Delivery

  • Sorry, there is no expidited delivery for these items.

Size Guide

Sleeping bags

Compact Sleeping Bag
Duvet TogLengthWidthFoam DepthRolled SizeWeight
4.5190cm / 6’3”58cm / 1’11” 66cm / 2’2” 77cm / 2’6”2.5cm / 1”34cm / 1’1”Approx         4.6Kg / 10lbs
10.5190cm / 6’3”58cm / 1’11” 66cm / 2’2” 77cm / 2’6”2.5cm / 1”36cm / 1’18”Approx          4.8Kg / 10.5lbs
Comfort Sleeping Bag
4.5190cm / 6’3”58cm / 1’11” 66cm / 2’2” 77cm / 2’6”4cm / 1.5”        5cm /2″36cm / 1’18”Approx         5.9kg / 13lbs
10.5190cm / 6’3”58cm / 1’11” 66cm / 2’2” 77cm / 2’6”4cm / 1.5”       5cm /2″38cm / 1’24”Approx            6kg / 13.2lbs
Freshtec Sleeping Bag
4.5190cm / 6’3”58cm / 1’11” 66cm / 2’2” 77cm / 2’6”4cm / 1.5”           5cm / 2”38cm / 1’24”Approx               5.4kg / 11.9lbs
10.5190cm / 6’3”58cm / 1’11” 66cm / 2’2” 77cm / 2’6”4cm / 1.5”           5cm / 2”40cm / 1’3”Approx               5.8kg / 12.8lbs
Dinky Duvalay
Goldmemory Foam
4.5140cm /66cm / 2’2″2.5cm / 1”3.6kg
4.5140cm /66cm / 2’2″4cm / 1.5″3.6kg

Additional information


Cappuccino, Plum, Navy, Coffee and Cream Stripe, Teal Navy, Pink, Sky Blue Navy, Cream, White

Duvet Choice

Hollowfibre, Microfibre (+ £12.00)


58cm, 66cm, 77cm (+ £30.00)

Pillow Type

No Pillow, Travel Pillow (+£23.95), Contoured Pillow (+£31.95), Classic Pillow (+£35.95), Deluxe Pillow (+£43.95)

Foam Choice

Compact 2.5cm, Comfort 4cm, Comfort 5cm, Freshtec 4cm, Freshtec 5cm


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made in yorkshire

Made in Yorkshire

All our Duvalays sleeping bags, toppers and mattresses are made to order here in the UK. This way we guarantee you will get the best quality product for the ultimate night's sleep.

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